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 Canis panther

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PostajNaslov: Canis panther   Canis panther I_icon_minitimepet ruj 12, 2008 1:05 am

Neznam tko je cuo za ovu pasminu ali evo ja sam saznala za nju sa ljubimci foruma:

Ovi psi su jakoo slicni dobermanu.
Mislim da ce se svima koji vole dobermane ovi psi poprilicno svidjeti!
Pasmina je nastala ne tako davno u Americi...tocnije 1970 godine od
gospodina Cleotha " Scorpio " Jones'a, gospodina Michael'a Stratten'a,
i gospodina Lucas'a Lopez'a.
U svoj mix su upotrijebili crnu njemacku dogu, crnog labradora, dobermana Pinscher'a i staffordshire terriera.
Ono sto je ispalo kao krajnji rezultat je zbilja prekrasan pas...
puta sam za ovu pasminu cuo prije nekoliko godina od jednog covijeka.
brzo sam se primio interneta i informiranja...Ovih pasa nema nigdje
osim u Americi sto je velika steta. No onda opet...
Ovo je jos jedna u nizu pasmina za koje ne bi zeljeli da postanu popularne.

Evo i za lijene neka citaju na engleskom jer nema na hr...

The Canis Panther is the ultimate pet
protector. Created with personal protection in mind, by personal
protection trainers, going back to 1973.
This breed of dog is of
high intelligence, extreme beauty, very agile , does not trust easily
and is totally defensive minded. The body is heavily muscled, with a
wide chest and jaw and a fine nose. Ears cropped, tails docked and
rear dews removed. The breed standard is solid in the colors:
chocolate, black, buckskin, & blue. The Canis Panther is a natural
protector, very loyal to its owner and family pack. They will do
anything you ask of them from obedience demonstrations to getting that
bad guy!
Our males average in size from 27-30 inches at the weathers
and 125-140 # Our females average, 25-28 inches tall and up to 105 #.
We have to give credit to Mr " Scorpio" Jones for creating this breed along with help from myself and L.Lopez.
back more than 30 years ago, we didn't have access to quote " better
" dogs. I can remember my father trying to get young men that were in
the military, stationed in Germany to scout dogs out for him. Dogs like
the Dobe, German Shepherd, Giant Schnauzer and of course the Rottweiler
was gaining much popularity at the time.But the cost of buying and
paying quarantine fees, then depending on these young men to ship them
was more than we could afford at the time. And the breeders here who
had these excellent dogs with the working backgrounds, would not sell
their dogs to us in the inner city, especially if they knew we were
personal protection dog trainers. Faced with this dilemma, the only
solution was to create a dog, not just a dog, the ultimate dog for
personal protection.During this time, I was training dogs with Scorpio
Jones, a great dog trainer from the Chicago land area.

At this
time the breed is fully developed, with established bloodlines and
multi-generation pedigrees, and we don't see the need for any changes.
They are strong and breed true. The temperament of the Canis Panther is
very loving and sensitive to the family , and suspicious to strangers.
They bond with their family pack very strongly, therefore making great
companions and great pet protectors. The are not animal aggressive and
do well in homes with children other pets when introduced properly. .
We have not really seen any problems with these dogs, they are strong
and healthy. I always suggest you ask to see the dogs parents and a
demonstration of their abilities. Supervision/Discipline/Obedience is
recommended as with any large breed of dog.

At this time the only legitimate breeders are, Rock of Ages Kennel, Mr. Jones himself and Madonna Kennels.
find ourselves very fortunate to be involved with such an animal and
after many years of breeding true, want this breed to excel. To love
and protect your family and business,
A suitable owner for the Canis
Panther is one that is serious about their personal protection and
having a dog they know will get the bad guy, An individual who is
willing to train and love this dog for many years to come.

Link za ove pse: http://www.canispanther.com/
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Canis panther
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